Vincent Kompany is calm before Wensday match

Vincent Kompany, the captain of Manchester City, speaks about difficulties in facing Tottenham team. He is sure that trainer, Pep Guardiola should rethink (but not too much) lost in the match against Tottenham Spurs in Champions League.

“I don’t expect that we will ever see a non-familiar City again before the end of the season. That’s it now, the one game that we could have afforded to lose is done. Now it’s all about every single time preparing well, relaxing and going into the game and doing what you know to do best.

“It’s cliched to say but every game is going to be a final, but it doesn’t mean that because it’s a final that you have to overthink it too much. We’re going to look at the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent, probably base a plan on those factors and then make sure on the day as a team, not just as individuals, that we turn up and play well, and that’s the key to getting these wins and trophies over the line, if we can.

“I just feel that this game… the big mistake would be to overthink it. We are a good team, preparing well, if we do that we will create chances and the only thing that stands in the way of you winning a game when you’re creating chances is the form of the day or bad luck, but that should still be the key to us approaching that game.

“Ultimately you’re playing against a good team that you’re going to face three times. I do think there’s a different depth to that fixture than maybe the other ones, because you face a team three times, is it realistic to think that approaching the game the same way three times is going to give you victory? I don’t know, but I can see why it’s a more difficult game to manage.

“But this one is now, Selhurst Park, it’s a one-off against a good team, we have everything to play for and that makes me more confident in the team. I like this situation, I like it when our backs are against the wall and have to perform, I feel a certain level of calmness in that.”

Let’s recall that the result on Manchester City vs Tottenham Spurs was 0: 1. The second leg is in front of us. City are second in the Premier League table

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