Jurgen Klopp thinks that what the boys did this year was incredible

Klopp is very proud of all team players. He can admit that the season was not easy, but after all, everything has worked out.

“We had to deal with everything during this season. We had a long period where it felt like we had to make an excuse and say sorry for not being like City.

“But there is only one City and there is only one Liverpool as well. And I love that! I really think what the boys did this year was incredible. The work-rate is outstanding. For example Neil Warnock said, ‘The work-rate of your team is incredible. We played against City and wow they are good, but your work-rate is unbelievable, the attitude and how they fight back and all that stuff.’

“That attitude makes you a winner already before you win something. That is why I am so happy with the boys.

“It is just pushing ourselves to the next level, adapting to the different situations, learning from the mistakes we made last year, the mistakes we made this year, the away games in the Champions League group stage.

“I’ll give you an example. To really learn you have to suffer from time to time and we really suffered a lot at Napoli. I had no explanation. It was one of the worst pressing games I ever had with the team. But having it is very important. We suffered and we learned something.

“I would love to have 97 points. Really. If we have them, then we played an outstanding season and whoever wants to say whatever about us, I couldn’t care less.

His team can be top again with two games to go if they beat Huddersfield on Friday.

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