Never say never. Liverpool 4:0 Barcelona

In the first leg, Barcelona won 3:0 and they had a perfect position when they were going to Anfield. But they lost 4:0 and the aggregation is Liverpool 4:3 Barcelona.

It looks very similar to the previous Champions League. Barcelona won with AS Roma 4:1 on Camp Nou, but they lost 0:3 on Stadio Olimpico. That year was a quarter-final. This time was one step closer to the final, so this is more painful.

“They were better than us” admitted Sergio Busquets.

Jose Mourinho has a good opinion about Jurgen Klopp, the man behind Liverpool success. He said: “This is about him. This is a reflection of his personality, don’t give up, his fighting spirit. (…) Everything I think today is about Jurgen’s mentality.”

On the other hand, Klopp praises a lot his players on BT Sport: “The boys are f***ing giants – it’s believable,” said Klopp. “If you have to fine me, fine me. I’m not native so I don’t have better words for it.”

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