Gareth Bale and Zidane conflict

When the Zidane took Real Madrid at the start of 2016, Bale took a big part in Champions League. He scored a goal against Atletico Madrid at that time. One of the previous trainer, Carlo Ancelotti, didn’t have the best relations with the winger, but Zidane gave him a fresh start.

In 2016 Bale had ankle surgery and missed two and a half month of the play. When he came back, it was not the end of his problems with health. Then he did something incredible and scored two goals in 2018 Champions League final against Liverpool. Though, next season was not so good. In campaign 2018-19 he was nursing injury after injury. Bale was sitting on the bench in the last game of the season against Real Batis (Real Madrid 0:2 Real Batis).

“I don’t know what will happen. I went with other players. That is the situation, others came in.” Zidane told reporters after the game.

“I didn’t let [Bale] play today, true, but we don’t know what will happen. I am the one who is here every day and makes the decisions and when there is something I don’t like or doesn’t sit right with me… I have achieved a lot here but we cannot live off the past. This is the present and I make decisions based on that.”

“[Zidane] didn’t talk to me about it – I still haven’t spoken to him since. Our relationship was good. I wouldn’t say we were best mates, it was just a normal professional relationship” are the Gareth Bale words.

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