Real Madrid would be a step up for Christian Eriksen

Danish international has failed to negotiate a new contract with Tottenham Spurs. Speaking to Ekstra Bladet he is speculating about the next move.

“I hope there will be clarification during the summer. That’s the plan. In football, you do not know when clarification will come. It can happen anytime. It would be best for everyone if it happens as soon as possible, but in football things take time.

“It depends on Daniel Levy. And another club has to come in. Or I have to sit down at the table and negotiate a new contract. You can’t set a date yourself.

“If I have to go, then hopefully it will be a step up. It’s [a potential move to Real Madrid] a step up. But that requires Real Madrid to call Tottenham and say they want me. And they have not done so yet, as far as I know.

“It is hard. It depends on the possibilities. If nothing pops up that is more exciting, why not stay at Tottenham? If I am to sign a new contract it depends on the conditions.”

Eriksen is one of the starting eleven players thanks to whom Tottenham reached UEFA Champions League final. We will see what will happen in the transfer window.

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