Takefusa Kubo joined Real Madrid

At the age of 10, Takefusa Kubo started to train in Barcelona. In 2015 he came back to Japan due to transfer irregularities. Barcelona still kept an eye on him, but finally Real was the team who signed a contract with the player.

“At first, I really didn’t want to come back [to Japan], I was so used to living there and also felt comfortable in the team, so I wondered ‘why?’.

“I made so many efforts to get used to living over there, and I was afraid that I had to do it all over again. However, despite my worries, I fitted into life in Japan very quickly when I was back, so that was good.”

“I am still incomplete. I don’t usually speak like this, but I’m still a 17-year-old player. There is much more to come. I must believe my future is bright, and do my best to grow further.”

Next season Kubo will play in Real Madrid Castilla to settle down in Spain. He is being called the Japanese Messi though he is just 18 years old. Madrid needs a forward who provides him a lot of goals.

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