At this time! Real Madrid not for Bale as well!

As we found out in previous hot “footballers-app News” “Tottenham not for Bale”, where his transfer was considered to PSG or to another club, Zinedine Zidane was not very happy with Gareth Bale. As our secret source in Madrid reports Zinedine Zidane claims he doesn’t want to play for Real Madrid and he just refuses to play.

But so far, Bale is trying to be sold out. But this time attempts to find a proper club with an appropriate budget is not as easy. One of the serious offers comes from China. Jiangsu Suning and Beijing Guoan both are waiting for any sign from Jonathan Barnett. Bale and Barnett are not so hurrying. Offer is on the table.

Real Madrid head coach still claims that Bale is a great footballer and disagree when hears from a journalist that “Real Madrid is not for Bale”. It is nothing personal and Zidane has just a new vision of Real Madrid without the Wale.

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